We are going to build an educational program about thePyrami

We are going to build an educational program about thePyramids. We are going to give the user a choice of a few pieces of informationto view. The different information is as follows:1)  It has been estimated that the pyramid weighs around 5.9 million tons.  It is also said that the pyramids only took20 years to build. Calculate the amount of stone moved each day in order tocomplete this in 20 years. Remember, these people supposedly hadn’t discoveredthe wheel when they did this….Display the result.2)  Each side of the pyramid is 230.4 meters. Its height is 146.5(originally…  this has changed somewhatover time)Calculate the perimeter of the pyramid. Nowdivide the perimeter by its height. Display the result. Do you see a significance tothis number?3)  Calculate the circumference of a circle that encloses the outside ofthe pyramid and the circumference of a circle that fills the inside.Once you have calculated the two circumferences,subtract the smallest one from the biggest one. Display the result. Do you see significance tothis number? (Hint: This number is a reduced version of a famous number. Youwill have to multiply this number by some factor of 10.)Your program should ask the user which piece of informationto view. It should then display the appropriate output for that choice. Yourprogram should then loop back to the beginning and ask for another choice.Remember to give them a way to quit (exit the loop).

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