We discussed Amy Tans Mother Tongue, which focused on Tan

We discussed Amy Tan’s ‘Mother Tongue,’ which focused on Tan’s own mother’s relationship with the English language,as well as Tan’s own. We also brainstormed various type of ‘English’ like ‘Chi-English’ or we speak in particular areas of our lives and discussed the broader implications of what ‘Englishes’ could mean. Your assignment: Write a personal narrative Essay(1300-1800words) about how a particular ‘English’ has worked in your life. You could write about an experience in which you learned to communicate with someone. Or a particular situation in which you found it difficult to communicate.Or a particular relationship in which communication is somehow very unique or vary difficult. This essay may span your entire life or zoom in on just a moment. It may center around one main idea or reflect on a particular episode in your past.Be creative. Be clear. BE BRAVE.Prefer to using ‘Chi-English’ as the main idea. You can creat the example by your self.

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