Week 1 Group Assignment:Section I – Ross

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Week 1 Group Assignment:Section I; include the Title page.Also, the Appendix and References pages should be created in Week 1 and submitted even if they are blank.They will be there each week and can be updated according to the weekly assignments.



1. Please READ Building a Business Case.docx, Trusty Carpets Case Study.docx and Group Assignment section 1-ROSS.docx

2. In-text citations and scholar references is a MUST, APA Format.

3. Please make reference to the GRADING RUBRIC when writing


(Notice the proper formatting above with Roman numeral and heading capitalization; use these for your business case.)The purpose of this section is to give a clear introduction to the business case and project. It provides the background on the core aspects of the business and its operation in sufficient detail to set the stage for the explanation of the problems, opportunities, or changes that will follow.This section also contains an analysis of the environment within which the business operates, identifying problems or opportunities in a number of areas, setting the stage for Section II, where the team will identify one problem or opportunity area for which a technology solution will be proposed in the business case.

Approach to Developing this Section

A. Background.Begin with an introduction (A.) to the situation portrayed in the case study to provide a background on the organization and its current operation. Include the important points, but do not just reiterate the information in the case study.

B. Environmental Analysis.Conduct some research on industry analysis and trends for the business in the case study, and select those that could impact the business.Include a description of at least one problem or opportunity in each of the following areas:(Ross, Gabriel, Vincent)

  • An opportunity or change to the Business Vision, Strategy or Objectives(Ross)
  • Business processes or technologies which are not operating efficiently or have been rendered obsolete(Ross)
  • New technology trends (or opportunities resulting from new technologies)
  • Commercial or operational trends which are driving changes in the business or industry
  • New or better products, technologies or processes in use by competitors
  • Changes to statutory, legislative or other environmental requirements.

Provide facts or evidence to support the conclusions drawn above, using one or two sentences with citations/references as appropriate.


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