Week 2 Assignment 2 Continuation of Week 1

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First, review your feedback on your Week 1 Assignment. This assignment should be based on your reading in Week 1 Assignment and the reading you selected during Week 1.

This the feedback :

your response to Turkle speaks to your appreciation of the primary text! Nicely done! Ensure that you subscribe fully to the APA standards of citation, documentation and presentation to fully support the integrity of your work e.g. ensure that you show your in-text citation as often as required.

In 700-750 words, create a proposal for your intended research for the final paper. You should include

  • Identify which reading you selected
  • Identify your research question. If you do not like one of the questions you wrote in your Week 1 Assignment.
  • An abstract of 200 words regarding the intended direction of the major paper.
  • An initial thesis statement to be used in the major paper.
  • Three sources that you intend to use for the major paper referenced in proper APA format.
  • A 170-word narrative for each source that explores the source’s value for your paper.

Please note that your three sources should be the reading that is associated with the option that you chose and two peer-reviewed journal articles from Keiser’s e-Library.

I’ll attached the citations and the articles .


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