Week 2 Quiz.docxW2_reading_business_benefits_of_IT_integrati

Week 2 Quiz.docxW2_reading_business_benefits_of_IT_integration_article.pdfWeek 2: Diagnostic Quiz DescriptionThisquiz pertains to the readings for Week 2: JeanneW. Ross, “Enterprise Architecture: Driving Business Benefits from IT,” (MITSloan Center for Information Systems Research, CISR WP No. 359, 2006).Bottom of FormQuestion 1 Which of the four operating models applies to your ownorganization? Provide evidence to justify your choice (hint:employ the author’s 2×2 characteristics table as a checklist). Whatimplications does the choice of operating model have for investing inenterprise IM and IT?  Student Response:· operatingmodel: [diversification, unification, coordination, or replication model]· justification:[needs to relate to choice of model]· IM/ITinvestment implications:o e.g.under the diversification model IM processes and many IT purchases will notbe standardized and will focus on the needs of the individual business unitrather than the enterprise as a whole.o Question 2 What does Jeanne Ross mean by an “Enterprise Architecture”and by an “architecturally mature” enterprise? How do these frameworksinfluence the selection and integration of IM/IT products and services withinthe enterprise? Rate your own organization in terms of its“architectural maturity” and list the implications of this rating on yourfirm’s ability to compete in its industry.Student Response:· an“enterprise architecture” is: · anarchitecturally mature enterprise is: · IM/ITintegration implications: o e.g.better/more economical use of IT core services o etc. · ratingmy firm: ? o implicationsof this rating…… Question 3 What are the business and the IT drivers behind the choiceof an enterprise architecture? How would one evaluate the value/benefitto the enterprise of their chosen architecture?Student Response:· businessdrivers of an enterprise architecture: o e.g.operational excellence – [define] o etc. · the ITdrivers of an enterprise architecture: o e.g.cost of existing IT operations o etc. · measuresof value/benefit/success: o e.g.shared business platform: §  leverages data §  integrated business standards o etc.

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