Week One Overview below will be 5 different modules assigments that need to be completed.

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1.1 revision Test

Now that you know what revision is, it’s time to practice. You’ll have the chance to revise each of your essays in this class for a higher grade. To see detailed feedback, open the assignment up on a laptop or desktop. You should see a version of your essay that looks like the image below. Anything highlighted in blue should have a comment attached to it. You might see red highlights on your own essays, which indicate a grammatical or spelling mistake. We’ll just focus on blue revisions for this exercise.

Start by reading over the comments for the beginning of this narrative essay (if you’re having trouble seeing them, try zooming in by pressing “Ctrl+”). There are five blue marks with one comment each. Then, download the Word document titled “Revision Test” that you see on this page. From there, make changes to the document based on the comments in blue. You’ll get five points for each change for a total of twenty-five points. When you’re finished, upload your revised version of the document.

Revision Test Screenshot.jpg

1.2 using quotes Test

Now that you know the basics of quoting, it’s time to practice. Pick any story from our textbook. Then, write a discussion post in which you give three quotes, correctly introduced, formatted, and cited. For this example, I’m using Poe’s “The Cask of Amontillado.” THE PAGE NUMBERS ARE DIFFERENT FROM YOUR TEXTBOOK. Use whatever page numbers you find in your own edition.

1. To further illustrate how well he has planned the murder, Montresor explains that “There were no attendants at home; they had absconded to make merry in honor of the time” (Poe 219).

1.3 Paraphrasing Test

Now that you’ve practiced quoting, it’s time to do the same with paraphrasing. Remember that it works almost exactly the same as quoting, the only difference being that the material you’re referencing is put into your own words (you still need an MLA citation). The examples here are the exact same three from the quoting test, only now they’re paraphrased.

1. To further illustrate how well he has planned the murder, Montresor explains that his servants have all left for the night to enjoy the festival (Poe 219).

2. In what is likely a show of disrespect, Fortunato tells Montresor that he has forgotten what his family crest is (Poe 220).

3. According to Montresor, the catacombs had been decorated with corpses and skeletons (Poe 221).

2. In what is likely a show of disrespect, Fortunato tells Montresor “‘I forget your arms'” (Poe 220). Note: this singular ‘ is how you use a quote within a quote (I think of them as Inception quotes).

3. According to Montresor, the catacombs had been “lined with human remains” (Poe 221).

1.4 plagiarism Test

Watch this now infamous interview with 90’s rapper Vanilla Ice. Then, write a post in which you answer the following questions:

1. What, according to the interviewer, did Vanilla Ice do wrong (other than his hair)?

2. What other 90’s rapper did something similar to Vanilla Ice, but is considered to be in the right?

3. What is the fundamental difference between what this other rapper did and what Vanilla Ice did?


1.5 grammarly test

Now that you’ve downloaded Grammarly, it’s time to try it out. Start by downloading the Word Document on this page. Then, open the document up with whatever version of Grammarly you’re using. If you’re on a Mac, it’s probably easiest to open up Google Docs, upload the Word Document, make the corrections in Chrome (using the Grammarly Chrome plugin), then download the document as a .docx. Depending on what platform you’re running Grammarly on, the software should find anywhere between 20 and 25 mistakes. Click on the red underlines one at a time and select the suggested corrections. When you’re finished, upload your corrected document here. I’ll check your document on Word and Chrome. Full credit (25 points) for no mistakes, minus one point for each mistake. Let me know if you have any questions.

*Below attachemt for grammarly test file


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