What are the Effects of Racial discrimination to mental health

What are the Effects of Racial discrimination to mental health

What are the Effects of Racial discrimination to mental health.Paper instructions: It is an expository essay. Prepare 3 sub topics with 2 supporting statements each and also a conclusion.

When Rochelle asks Laura why she relentlessly teases her, Laura responds, Because I don’t like Negroids. Sorry. This is one of the scenes in the hit 1996 film The Craft which has a story line in which a white character named Laura racially harasses an African American classmate named Rochelle.

In the old times, racism is very prevalent. But it is very alarming that even in this modern era, racial discrimination or racist bullying still persists. It is no laughing matter. It has enormous effects to individuals such as depression and anxiety, decreases achievement and opportunity in life and worst, abandonment to their own cultural and parental values.

A persons whole world can change from experiencing discrimination and they can become depressed and anxious. The physical, verbal and emotional bullying, insulting or degrading comments, name calling, gestures, taunts and insults or jokes, these stressors trigger depression and anxiety.

A Cornell News Service study in 2009 did a study on the effects of racism saying that racial discrimination erodes mental health. Moreover, having no one to support or someone to tell…


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