what changes have been made concerning Mental Illness.

what changes have been made concerning Mental Illness.


For this course, a scholarly review of a health care policy issue/topic is the major assignment for this course. It involves gathering and synthesizing information and evidence into a summary of the issue/topic and a well-developed conclusion. There is a list of possible topics under Course Documents in Blackboard. Please review this list and determine your topic by week 2.
General Information:
o The idea of a scholarly review is to summarize and synthesize the information you have read. As you write the paper, think of your audience as a health care policy decision maker (e.g., healthcare organization CEO, CNO, or board member; a legislator; or a professional nursing organization).
o The topic must be approved by the instructor on the date assigned on the course schedule. Many students have trouble defining and narrowing their issue/topic. One idea is to think of approaching your health care policy issue/topic as a question or problem you want to answer.
o The final paper will be 5-7 pages in length, not including the title, abstract, and reference pages. Each draft will include a Title page and Reference page.
o References (this involves a library database search) used should include a minimum of five scholarly sources (journals or scholarly websites) and information from professional or state/national organizations websites.
o Because this is a synthesis of the evidence, there should be a minimal number of quotations. However, you must use the correct APA citation when discussing someone elses ideas or work.
o Avoid personal bias and use of strong language, unless it appears in the literature you reviewed. If you are describing someones bias, you may want to quote it to indicate it is not your opinion.
o NOTE: For those new to literature searches, be prepared to review many articles in order to find the minimum of five best scholarly sources for your issue/topic (e.g. perhaps up to 20).
Turnitin: The draft papers and final paper are submitted to Turnitin (in Blackboard) under the Turnitin icon in the designated week.
o Turnitin is a software program that identifies similarities between your paper, other student papers, and resources such as articles and internet sites. The advantage is that you may turn in your paper into Turnitin multiple times until the due date. This allows you to evaluate the similarity scores and edit your paper to avoid plagiarizing. Be aware that while the similarity report appears fast the first time the paper is submitted, it may take up to 48 hours to receive subsequent reports.
o The similarity score will show as a percentage under a colored box. Click on the colored box and your paper will open up revealing the percentages an article, paper or internet site (right side) matches with your paper (left side). Students often ask what is a good percentage score? The answer isit depends. The instructor reviews the similarity scores but also use their best judgment based on experience.
o For questions on the use of Turnitin, contact your instructor.
Attached is a copy of the rough draft of my paper…. I did horrible…I receive 6/25 points….
Not my expectation at all…. Please Help!
Also she wanted me to narrow the paper down from being the US and focus on Illinois.
Also to talk about the current policy with the affordable care act and what changes have been made concerning Mental Illness.
She did say that I can use other articles so don’t feel obligated to the ones on the reference list.


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