What is the main difference between the duties of the nurse and the physician?

What is the main difference between the duties of the nurse and the physician?

What is the main difference between the duties of the nurse and the physician? The nurse is expected to do paperwork, and the physician is expected to interact with the patient. The nurse is expected to tend to the patient’s physical, mental, and emotional needs, whereas the physician’s role is to be responsible for the correct diagnosis and treatment recommendations for the patient. The nurse is expected to help with diagnosis and medication recommendations, and the physician is expected to sign off on them. The nurse is expected to know the details of billing, and the physician is expected to know the details of biology.
2)What is the main limiting factor in the medical model? It does not consider all physical, mental, and social aspects necessary for optimal health. It focuses on diagnosis. It focuses on treatment. It tries to relieve symptoms and cure disease.
3)What was the main foundation behind employer-based health insurance in US history? Worker’s compensation insurance was put into place in the US in the early 1900s. This type of health insurance started during World War II to prevent inflation, then became protected by laws. Establishing health insurance accessible to all was needed for patients to afford climbing healthcare costs. Medicare was necessary in order to address the health needs of older Americans, so it was put into place.
4)Why do analysts use “average life expectancy” as a metric to assess a country’s health? Because it is the best measure for comparing healthcare cost. Because it is the only reliable measure of access to care. Because it is the only reliable measure of health equity. It reflects not only the general health of the population, but the efficacy of the country’s healthcare system.
5)Which subsystem in the US healthcare system represents social justice The safety net subsystem, which allows low-income people to access care. The military subsystem, which provides healthcare for current and former members of the US military. The managed care subsystem, which calculates risk based on the pool of members it has. The long-term care system, which accepts public insurance.
7)Chiropractic care is a holistic approach, but the US healthcare system is not holistic. What is the main approach the US healthcare system has taken to chiropractic care, given this situation? Chiropractic care is not recommended by physicians. Chiropractic care is not used as a holistic health approach, and is seen as only helping neck and back pain. Chiropractic care can be covered by health insurance. Chiropractic care is usually not taught in medical schools.
8)What is the main problem with a patient first going to specialty care for a problem rather than first going to primary care? It will cost the patient more money. The specialist will try to get the patient to use services in his or her clinic, not services the patient really needs. If the patient diagnoses himself or herself incorrectly, he or she might see the wrong specialty practitioner and get low quality care. The medical records the patient has at the specialist won’t relate to the patient’s primary care medical record.
9)What type of intervention would work best to prevent patients from dying of medical errors? A policy intervention, because it would apply to all facilities in the US or in a state. A healthcare intervention, because it would requirehealthcare facilities to change their procedures. An individual intervention, where providers are taught patient safety practices. A community level intervention, where the community holds the healthcare facility to higher standards.


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