What is the selected change strategy? What are the aims of this change? What kind of change is expected? Set the stage for the reader.

What is the selected change strategy? What are the aims of this change? What kind of change is expected? Set the stage for the reader.


The purpose of this essay is to provide students with an experience to apply leadership and/or change theory and strategies to an actual change opportunity of creating and potentially implementing a change within a health care microsystem. This is a scholarly paper that is worth about a significant portion of the grade. Please allow enough time to plan and write it with that in mind. The essay is to be written in APA format and organized with a strong introduction, thesis statement, body, and conclusion. The essay is not to be more than eight pages in length, not counting the title page, references, and appendices. Do not include an abstract or an executive summary. This assignment is for students to develop a change strategy plan using current knowledge about the CNL role to influence the overall system through implementing and incorporating a change in the current microsystem structure. Ideally, this change strategy paper will become part of the student’s final semester CNL internship experience. The headings to be used for the essay listed below and are to address questions in fully developed paragraphs. Background What is the selected change strategy? What are the aims of this change? What kind of change is expected? Set the stage for the reader. Start broad and then narrow to the topic. It is essential to use good references in this section to support the rationale for selecting this topic area. System Setting What is the system setting where this change strategy will be implemented? Discuss the system setting size of unit, type of patients, demographics about nursing staff, interdisciplinary team work, unit culture, etc. What are the key roles of the stakeholders in the system? What are the potential barriers to change within the setting? How will you manage the barriers? What are the potential incentives to creating change within the setting? CNL Role What is your synopsis of the CNL role, how it can be implemented in this setting, and how the CNL will implement the change? Use the AACN White Paper for your guide in this section, as well as at least one other CNL journal article to describe the CNL role as it applies to change. How can you get the staff and management of your system/organization to accept the change you are proposing? Use reliable references in this section as well. Change Theory What change theory/model and or leadership theory will you apply to your overall system setting/situation? Using your own words summarize the theory for the reader. How would you apply the change and/or leadership theory? What is your analysis of the system setting and its readiness for change? What is your plan for implementing this change using the identified change theory or theories? Action Plan What is your recommended action plan? Describe it fully and in your own words, but you may refer to a concept map and/or Gantt chart to illustrate timing of plan in the Appendices section. Explicitly describe how your change theory or model guides your Action Plan. The Action Plan should be clear and detailed enough that someone else could step in and implement that change just using your plan content. Evaluation What measures or outcomes do you think will indicate that your change strategy has been effective and that the change will be sustainable? Be thorough in describing how you will evaluate your action plan. Use references to help you strengthen this section.


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