What needs to be on the pages?&nbsp Eachdocument will be taking

What needs to be on the pages?  Eachdocument will be taking up two pages (A left and a Right) Below you will seethe layout of the pages. The top left needs to have the title of the document.The title needs to fill up the box and must be colored. The top right has alist of questions that you must answer for each document.  Your answers need to be complete sentences.The bottom left is a picture that represents the document. Each picture in thisbook needs to be different. You can’t have the same picture for each page. Thebottom right is your translation of the document. In your own words tell mewhat the document says. The right side of the page is a copy of the document.You will need to find the document online and print out a copy of the document.Some of these documents are long so you will need to find a copy that is nottoo lengthy. DON’T staple the document into your book. Each page will be usedand staples will make this look sloppy.project.docx

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