What resources, competencies capabilities are

Explain what resources, competencies capabilities are, and how they can be used to create value (not the value chain) and competitive advantage. Be sure to consider capabilities and how do they affect resources and competencies.
Describe three barriers to entry within a specific service area and explain why you think these are the most important barriers.
Compare and contrast Strategic Planning, Strategic Thinking and how they impact and shape Strategy and Operational Effectiveness.
Define Mission, Vision and Values and explain how they are the foundation for strategy development and implementation.
Submit your test through Blackboard.

article need to be use =What is Strategy?” by Michael Porter (Porter 1)
The Harvard Business Review, November-December 1996

“The Fall and Rise of Strategic Planning,” by Henry Mintzberg
The Harvard Business Review, January-February 1994

Strategic Management of Health Care Organizations, 7th or 8th Ed, Swayne, Duncan, Ginter (Jossey Bass)

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