What you need to do to critically analyse the Case Study Thought processes?

What you need to do to critically analyse the Case Study Thought processes?

What you need to demonstrate to your lecturer in terms of your critical thinking about this Case Study Learning Outcomes Section
Demonstrate your learning in each section by presenting the information that you have examined to improve your knowledge and understanding of selected Case Study
Select and Analyse one of the case study scenarios Think about what are some of the key issues or information that you consider are important in this Case Study?
Notes for the Introduction of your report
Introduce the context of your selected case study. Document what you consider are the key issues in this Case Study here.

Think about some of the broader questions about this Case Study that you want to know more information about
Identify the additional information you need to know
Formulate your questions in a list format here.
Notes for Critical Questions and Rationale section of your report
Briefly discuss why are these questions relevant to your learning about this Case Study?

Review your current knowledge about this clinical presentation
Research the clinical presentation further. Record the resources you used to improve your knowledge of this clinical presentation below.
Think about the new information to develop new questions.
List your new Questions here.
Answer the questions in the
Learning Outcomes Section
Notes for Review of current and new Knowledge section of your report
Briefly discuss why your new questions are relevant to your case study.
Provide a brief overview of a theoretical principle of Life Span and Development using one of the psychosocial developmental theories and explain why it is applicable to your chosen scenario. e.g. Levinson, Buhler or Erickson.
Briefly discuss if a cultural perspective needs to be taken into account if relevant to the scenario?
Are there any identifiable health promoting behaviours or health detrimental beliefs and attitudes in the scenario? Discuss how these health detrimental beliefs and attitudes, life style choices and risk behaviours may impact on the health status of the client.
Examine the underlying pathophysiological processes relating to the clinical presentation. Is the pathophysiology underlying the clinical presentation affected by the identified health behaviours?
Using a holistic and person-centred approach, explore the issues raised in this case study and how you can support this client.
Consider the ANMC RN Competency Standards.

Consider the nursing interventions and clinical skills that are required for this Case Study.
Consider the on-going patient safety concerns in relation to continuing care or discharge planning.
Notes for Nursing Management section of your report
Identify the appropriate ANMC RN Competency Standards that would be applicable for you as an RN in providing holistic and person-centred care for your client.
Construct new understandings of two nursing management strategies that could be utilised to provide optimal and holistic nursing care for the client? Provide evidence of how your nursing management connects to the identified pathophysiological processes.
Draw conclusions about your identified questions.
Discuss identified on-going safety concerns that you would you take into account for continuing care and or discharge planning?
Assemble the important clinical information in a coherent fashion.
Document an ISBAR script in the Learning Outcomes Section applying your new understandings to a nursing context.
Notes for the conclusion section of your report
Reflect on your learning about the chosen case study. Reflect on your thoughts about how detrimental beliefs and attitudes, life style choices and risk behaviours might impact upon the client’s future health status. Notes for the Reflection section of your report
Document two new questions here.


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