What’s the succinct overview of the healthcare finance fraud committed?

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Compliance is a comprehensive program that helps institutions and their employees conduct operations and activities ethically; with the highest level of integrity, and in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. To have an effective compliance program, an organization must establish and maintain an organizational culture that “encourages ethical conduct and a commitment to compliance with the law.” U.S. Federal Sentencing Guidelines §8B2.1(a)(2).

Using the OIG website (https://oig.hhs.gov/) or another of your choosing, select a real-time healthcare fraud news report from your local area to feature within your paper to educate the organization on the various case(s), the importance of healthcare finance compliance practices and the potential criminal and monetary fines that can be imposed on the individual and/or organization from the case. Develop a 3-5 page white paper that provides a succinct overview of the healthcare finance fraud committed


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