What’s Your Min or Max Task Assignment

I’m working on a Algebra exercise and need support.

Select either the minimum or maximum function. Identify a task – personal or professional – that could be modeled mathematically through your chosen function. Explain how the chosen function be used in making good decisions.

Examples of tasks might be:

  • Make the largest garden possible using a given amount of fencing.
  • Configure an airplane to create the least amount of drag for an airplane in flight.

But choose another one that you like

Be creative!

Write a 300-word post (about 3 paragraphs) that includes your chosen function, shows an equation and explains how it could be used to make good decisions.

For writing assistance, review the EAGLET and APA and Other Style References sections on the Academic Resources page.

Save your post as a document. Submit it for evaluation using the Module 6: Assignment: Turnitin (PLG1) by the fourth day of the module week.


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