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Which detail should be included in a summary of A Wolf Story?Connor was a young farmer with two missing cows.Connor felt the old gray woman watching him with her keen eyes.Connor grew angry easily because he was hot-tempered.Connor sat down by the fireplace in the strangers’ home.Which best describes a legend?a story that takes place in an imaginary world set far into the futurea story that is passed down orally from one generation to the nexta story about the life experiences of a famous person from historya story about made-up characters who struggle with modern problemsWhich best states the purpose of the theme in A Wolf Story?to inform the audience about the behaviors and characteristics of wolvesto entertain the audience with a story told from a wolf’s point of viewto teach the audience a lesson about the rewards of doing good deedsto convince the audience that farming is a rewarding career choiceWhich is the best summary of A Wolf Story?Connor, a young farmer, stops at a strange home after traveling for miles. He is tired and hungry. The creatures that live in the home are strange and scary. They appear to be wolves who can take human form. They laugh at Connor when he tells them his story, so Connor gets angry and decides to leave. But the creatures assure him that he does not need to fear them, so he stays the night.A young farmer finds out that two of his cows are missing. He goes out to search for his cows, but he doesn’t plan very well. He ends up hungry and tired at night and can’t find his way home. So he has to stop at a strange house for help. The creatures who live there can transform into wolves. One of them gives Connor two replacement cows.A young farmer named Connor helps a wolf by removing a thorn from its side and giving it a drink of water. In return, the wolf, who can transform into a human, gives Connor two cows that end up becoming the finest in the whole country.Connor, a young farmer, goes in search of two missing cows. He grows tired and hungry, so he stops at a strange home to rest for the night. Even though the creatures are part-wolf and dangerous, one of them remembers when Connor took a thorn from his side and gave him water. In return for this past kindness, he replaces Connor’s missing cows with two that become the finest in the whole country.Which describes the narrator’s perspective in Shania’s Diary?third-person omniscient point of viewthird-person limited point of viewfirst-person point of viewsecond-person point of viewWhat is the purpose of a cause-effect text structure?to show why something happenedto show similarities and differencesto explain a problem and offer a solutionto explain the order of eventsWhen analyzing a problem-solution text structure, how can a reader can identify the problem? by looking for facts that support the author’s point of viewby thinking about the solution the author presentsby thinking about why the author chose this text structureby looking for unsuccessful attempts to solve the problemRead the entry from Bruno’s blog about animal welfare.I encourage everyone to do what they can to help animals. Animals cannot help themselves, so it is up to us to protect them. A recent nationwide study conducted shows that 30–45 percent of dogs and cats are homeless, and 15–20 percent those homeless animals end up injured or in a animal shelter. It is clear from the numbers that people need to be more concerned about protecting animal welfare. What claim is Bruno making?Too many animals are in shelters.Too many animals get injured.Too many animals are homeless.People must protect animals.Which detail from ‘The Chenoo’ would best support the theme ‘family bonds are strong’?The two brothers remember a story their great-grandfather told them.Both men run back toward their camp to check on their sister.Nolka heats a pile of rocks for her brothers’ evening sweat lodge.Nolka’s brothers stop talking when she holds up a hand to her mouth.What should be included in a story summary?all the characters’ wordsa comment about the authorhow the conflict was resolvedthe summary writer’s thoughtsRead the excerpt from ‘Healthy Eating.”Cherish the season,’ is her motto. If kids want something out of season, it’s OK to buy frozen. Then steel yourself for some complaining and use the opportunity to convey a larger lesson.’It’s important to teach children that you don’t always get what you want,’ she said.Which statement best describes the author’s argument in this part of the article?Frozen foods are a necessary part of a balanced diet.Frozen foods can be a good substitute for fresh foods.Parents should do what they can to please picky eaters.Children often request foods that are unhealthy for them.Read this paragraph.The honeybee population has been decreasing at an alarming rate in recent years. One possible cause is humans building in areas that once supplied food sources for bees. One way people can help honeybees is by planting gardens with plenty of native flowers to feed the bees.Which best states the author’s purpose in writing the paragraph?to show why the honeybee population is decreasingto present a comparison between bees and humansto stop people from building in places where bees seek foodto present a problem and offer a possible solution Procedural writing would be useful for explainingwhy bears hibernate in the winter.where bald eagles build their nests.how a new library will help students.how to play a game of Frisbee golf.Read the excerpt from ‘Healthy Eating.’She [Ferguson] bought honey wheat bread, not realizing that at her age she needed much more fiber. She was unaware of her carb intake. And she had no idea that on weekends, when she was completing chores and running errands, forgetting to eat was causing problems.’I’d just eat once a day, but then my body would go into starvation mode,’ she said.So she developed a meal plan and discovered an app for her phone, My Fitness Pal, that she can set to remind her when to eat and what to eat.She can also scan food to determine whether she’s met her daily need.’So after I have breakfast and lunch, and if I’ve had too many carbs, by dinner I know I have to cut back,’ she said.How does the author support her argument that people can become healthier by making small changes?She uses an anecdote to show how people can improve their eating habits by being informed and having a meal plan.She provides a quotation from an expert to explain the simple ways that technology can help people eat healthier.She provides statistics to show that cutting down on carbohydrates is an easy way for people to improve their health.She uses scientific facts to explain that eating regularly will help people stay full for longer periods of time and lose weight.Which is the best description of figurative language?It expresses an emotion or feeling.It shows the actual meaning of something.It shows what something looks like.It expresses the writer’s opinion.Which narration reveals a character with a friendly personality?Miss Lydia poured her guest a cup of iced tea and asked her whether there was anything she could do to help.Conrad the clown tried and tried, but he just could not manage to keep all three balls in the air at once. I asked my father whether he had seen a weather forecast for the weekend.After winning the race, Kelly demanded a towel and a bottle of water.Which best states the author’s argument in Catching Sun Rays?No power source is clean, free, and renewable.It costs too much to use solar energy for power.The use of solar energy can cause blackouts in big cities.People and governments should use more solar energy.ead the excerpt from Catching Sun Rays.But before you can use the sun’s energy, you have to capture it. To do that, you need a solar panel (also known as a PV panel). It’s a flat black board covered with cells of silicon, the same material used to make semiconductor chips in computers. Those silicon cells change the sunlight into an electric current. They also use sunlight to heat water in houses and other buildings.Based on the excerpt, which would a home owner mostlikely include in an action plan for using solar energy? finding out what a solar panel looks likefinding companies that sell solar panelsfinding companies that sell computer chipsfinding out what a solar panel doesRead the excerpt from Catching Sun Rays.Solar energy saves money on electric bills, and it also helps our power grid. On August 14, 2003, too many people were using electricity because it was a hot day. Suddenly, all the power went out across the Northeast United States and Canada, and 55 million people were suddenly in the dark! In New York City, people had to walk miles across bridges to get home because there were no trains or subways running. It was an expensive incident for the government and industry. But if we use more solar energy, we will put less pressure on the power grid. That means fewer blackouts.What kind of evidence does the author use to support the claim that solar energy helps the power grid? anecdotalexpert quotationstatisticalscientificRead the excerpt from Catching Sun Rays.Governments and power companies know that solar power is good, so they are also building big solar power plants to keep up with demand. The best place to do that is the Mojave Desert, which covers parts of Arizona, California, Nevada, and Utah. The area gets twice as much sunlight as other parts of the United States. The Mojave is home to the largest solar power installation in the world.Based on the excerpt, which would a business person most likely include in an action plan for building a new solar power plant?finding out the best place to build a solar power plant.finding out the government’s opinion of solar power.visiting the solar power installation in the Mojave Desert.visiting the Mojave Desert to see how much sunlight it gets.Read the excerpt from Catching Sun Rays.But there is another benefit: switching to renewable energy can create jobs. One environmental group says solar power could mean hundreds of thousands of jobs in the United States. For example, the largest solar farm on the East Coast in New York created more than 200 local construction jobs. And the farm makes enough electricity each year to power 4,500 homes!Why does the evidence provided in the excerpt make the author’s argument more effective? It is vague.It is specific.It is complicated.It is scientific.Read the excerpt from Catching Sun Rays.1. Governments and power companies know that solar power is good, so they are also building big solar power plants to keep up with demand. 2. The best place to do that is the Mojave Desert, which covers parts of Arizona, California, Nevada, and Utah. 3. The area gets twice as much sunlight as other parts of the United States. 4. The Mojave is home to the largest solar power installation in the world.Which sentence best supports the author’s claim that the best place to build solar power plants is the Mojave Desert?sentence 1sentence 2sentence 3sentence 4How does the author reveal the narrator’s perspective in Shania’s Diary?by having Shania share her thoughts and feelingsby describing how Shania’s face looks when she talksby including conversations between Shania and Urielby describing what Shania looks likeThe author tells the story of the field trip from Shania’s point of view in Shania’s Diary so thatthe reader can understand the thoughts and feelings of all of the characters in the story.the reader can see how Shania’s thoughts and feelings about the field trip change over time.the reader can understand the thoughts and feelings of both Shania and her partner, Uriel.the reader can see what a good teacher Mr. Jackson is in Shania’s eyes.Read the excerpt from Shania’s Diary.Mr. Jackson had another one of his ‘brilliant’ ideas today. On Wednesday, he is taking us on a field trip. Here’s the not-so-brilliant part—we’re going to explore the shabby old asphalt schoolyard. What is wrong with that man? That is not a field trip. We are out on that yard every day after lunch, and there is nothing there to explore.Which of Shania’s character traits does the excerpt reveal? enthusiasmjealousyannoyancepatience

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