Which disturbance would result in primary succession?harvest

Which disturbance would result in primary succession?harvesting wheat by using a combine harvester at the end of the growing seasoncontrolled burning to stimulate the growth of forest trees such as sequoiathe formation of Surtsey, a volcanic island off of the southern coast of Icelandthe effect of a large herd of elephants on the grasses and shrubs in an areaIn one species of bird, there are three varieties of feather color. What is this an example of?ecosystem diversityspecies diversitygenetic diversitycolor diversityWhat type of chart would be the best way to represent the data below?Type of speciesCritically endangered (%)Endangered or vulnerable (%)Plants1370Invertebrates035Freshwater fish937Amphibians730Reptiles528Birds012Mammals221bar graphpie chartline graphscatter plotWhich of the following are items that are a threat to biodiversity?pollution and successionhabitat loss and predationpoaching and habitat losssuccession and poachingOn May 18, 1980, Mount St. Helens in Washington State experienced a huge volcanic eruption after a magnitude 5.1 earthquake. During the eruption, hot ash and pumice poured down the west, south, and east sides of the mountain, melting the snow and ice at the top of the volcano and creating volcanic mudflows. Which type of change was seen in the ecosystem around Mount St. Helens after it erupted?primary successionsecondary successiona climax communityspecies extinctionA hunter illegally kills a wolf in Yellowstone National Park and attempts to bring the wolf’s skull back to Florida. Which law is the hunter violating?the Endangered Species Actthe Lacey ActEPACITESWhich factor can cause secondary succession?clear cuttingglacial meltingcompetitionpredationRhinoceroses are being poached at a rate of two or three a week in Africa and Asia. Which type of diversity is being lost as the population of rhinoceroses becomes very small?species diversitygenetic diversityecosystem diversityfragmented diversityHow does conservation affect biodiversity?It helps to preserve climate change.It decreases species diversity.It helps to preserve biodiversity.It decreases ecosystem diversity.

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