Which sentence is in passive voice?1. a. The suspect was las

Which sentence is in passive voice?1. a. The suspect was last seen by witnesses outside theconvenience store on Molalla Avenue.  b. Witnesses lastsaw the suspect outside the convenience store on Molalla Avenue.2. The trade union’s current leader was voted into office bya clear majority.A clear majority of the organization voted the currentleader into office.3. a. The hairline fracture could have been detected by anX-ray.b. An X-ray could have detected the hairline fracture in hisarm.4. a. Bobby must have been exhausted by that long flight toAustralia.b. The twenty-two-hour flight to Australia must have utterlyexhausted Bobby.5.a.  I am excited bythe prospect of living in a foreign country one day.b. The prospect of potentially living in a foreign countryone day excites me.6. a. Hundreds of public works projects were initiated byNew Deal agencies during Franklin D. Roosevelt’s presidency.b. New Deal agencies initiated hundreds of public worksprojects during Franklin D. Roosevelt’s presidency.7. a. An 1862 Mexican military victory is commemorated byCinco de Mayo.b. The holiday of Cinco de Mayo commemorates an 1862 Mexicanmilitary victory.8. a. By this time tomorrow, the theater will have beendemolished by a wrecking ball.b. By this time tomorrow, a wrecking ball will havedemolished the historic theater downtown.9. a. Dr. Hogan’s studies have documented significantimprovements in athletic performance.b. Significant improvements in athletic performance havebeen documented by Dr. Hogan’s studies.10. a. On April 18, 1906, an earthquake and its fieryaftermath devastated the city of San Francisco.b. On April 18, 1906, San Francisco was devastated by anearthquake and its fiery aftermath.

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