Why you are choosing to pursue a career in medicine

Why you are choosing to pursue a career in medicine

Why you are choosing to pursue a career in medicine Paper instructions:
Essay for scholarship requirements.
Eligibility: A student pursuing a career in the medical field is invited to submit a one-page essay. Essay Question: Please tell us why you have chosen your career path. Some topics discussed may include:
•What inspired you to select the medical/healthcare area you are pursuing?
•Was there a particular incident in your life or a person who had a significant impact?
•Why do you want to spend two to six years of your life at a particular college, graduate school, or professional school? Student background information:
– High School Senior
– Looking to be admitted to a pre-med or dual bs/md program
– Resume I. Medicine Career Related Activities: Mini-Med Program at UMDNJ Newark, NJ
A mini medical program that lasted eight weeks that is designed to acquaint students with many issues in contemporary medical practices. Students sit in seminars and discuss topics such as: nutrition, diabetes, flu, gastrointestinal, brain and drugs, vital sign, cardiovascular, and cancer. Students also attended lectures given by well-renowned doctors on topics such as: pathology, hypnosis in medicine, oral facial pain, diabetic foot, dermatology, stem cells, and alternative medicine. Summer Scholars Science Academy at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School Piscataway,


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