WK 1 – Business Law (Legal Implications in Executive Decision Making)

Post a 250-300 word response to the following Discussion prompt. Ensure that your response answers all parts of the question and is supported by both in-text citations and a reference list.

In 1996, California legalized the medical use of marijuana, even though it was still illegal under federal law. Californians Angel Raich and Diane Monson used medical marijuana that they grew on their own property. When federal agents destroyed their plants, Monson and Raich sued, claiming, among other things, that the Commerce Clause did not permit the federal government to regulate activities that took place in their back yards and homes.

The federal government argued that since consuming locally-grown marijuana for medical purposes affects the interstate market for marijuana, the federal government may regulate—and prohibit—such consumption. Whose argument should prevail? What is the court likely to consider when applying the Commerce Clause? What is the plaintiffs’ best argument in this case?



Introduction to Business Law (5th ed.)

Chapter 1, “Introduction to Law”

Chapter 4, “Constitutional, Statutory, Administrative, and Common Law”

Chapter 5, “Courts, Litigation, and Alternative Dispute Resolution”

These chapters discuss sources of law in the United States, the structure of the government and legal system, and processes for litigating or resolving business disputes. Understanding these concepts provides the foundation for risk management.



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