Wk 6~Benchmark Assignment: Gerontology Conference Presentation

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Assignment Content

  1. Individual AssignmentClass,For this Week 6 Assignment, You have been asked to prepare a presentation for the
    Annual Gerontology Conference. You will be presenting to an audience of older adults, administrators of geriatric clinics, Ombudsman, LTC professionals, and managers of geriatric practices.

  2. Create a 8 – 10 slide presentation with detailed speaker’s notes analyzing the foundational concepts of gerontology.
    Address the following:

    • Analyze the foundational concepts of gerontology. Clarify exactly what Gerontology IS, why is this an important field in today’s rapidly aging populace.
    • Analyze how the field of gerontology is multi-faceted and collaborative, as aging is not the responsibility of a single field. Offer 2 to 3 clear examples of positions a degreed Gerontologist may embark upon in the Aging Network or Field with a short explanation of each selected position. (ensure you select relative career paths ).
    • Analyze 2- 3 Major Theories of Aging & how the major theories tie into myths and stereotypes about aging.

    Include at least
    3 peer reviewed articles to support your presentation. Make this Week 6 Presentation creative and visually appealing to your target audience.

  3. Format
    your presentation according to APA guidelines. I am looking for well organized, creative, and interesting PP presentations. Slides with bullet points only are not considered creative PP Presentations.


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