Wk3D1- Informed Consent in Practice

Wk3D1- Informed Consent in Practice

Required Resources

• Interactive Media: Virtual Philosopher

This interactive media activity asks a series of question to determine your beliefs, then gives you various situations that test your personal ethics.


• Course Text: Judson, K., & Harrison, C. (2016). Law and ethics for the health professions. (7th ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill.
o Chapter 13, “Health Care Trends and Forecasts”

The health care system in the United States has a number of stakeholders. This chapter looks at the various stakeholders and examines the trends that are going to affect the system in the years to come.
• Course Text: Medical Law, Ethics, and Bioethics for the Health Professions
o Chapter 13, “Allocation of Scarce Medical Resources”

This chapter introduces the challenging issue of balancing multiples factors to appropriately allocate scarce medical resources.
• Article: Emanuel, E. J., Wendler, D., & Grady, C. (2000). What makes clinical research ethical? American Medical Association, 283, 2701-2711. Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.
Clinical research strives to advance the practice of medicine while maintaining stringent ethical guidelines. This article considers just what makes clinical research ethical.
• Article: Singer, P. (2009, July 19). Why we must ration health care. The New York Times Magazine, 38-43. Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.
Health care, like any resource, is in limited supply. This article explores the controversial issue of rationing scarce medical resources.
• Article: Nelson-Marten, P., & Rich, B. (1999). A historical perspective of informed consent in clinical practice and research. Seminars in Oncology Nursing, 15(2), 81-88. Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.
Informed consent forms one of the cornerstones of medical practice and research. This article considers informed consent’s role in medical practice and research.
• Article: McManus, J., Mehta, S. G., McClinton, A. R., De Lorenzo, R. A., & Baskin, T. W. (2005). Informed consent and ethical issues in military medical research. Academic Emergency Medicine, 12(11), 1120-6.
Informed Consent and Ethical Issues in Military Medical Research by McManus, J.; Mehta, S.; McClinton, A.; De Lorenzo, R.; Baskin, T., in Academic Emergency Medicine, Vol. 12/Issue 1. Copyright 2005 by John Wiley & Sons – Journals. Reprinted by permission of John Wiley & Sons – Journals via the Copyright Clearance Center.
This article considers the unique position military personnel can occupy, with regard to informed consent and other ethical issues, when involved in medical research.
• Article: National Institutes of Health. (n.d.). Medical research with animals (NIH Publication Number 08-6436). Retrieved from


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