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World Literature , reading assignment : ‘Confessions’ . write a 5 pages journal about it. Setting: When and where does the story take place?Characterization: Who are the main characters of the story?  Who is/are the protagonist and antagonist? Are they static or dynamic characters?  Does the author use direct exposition or indirect revelation to tell you what the characters are like?  Do you see an example of how the character demonstrates a desire to seek ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness’? Please explain your thoughts. (Even if your answer is no.)Plot: What is the conflict in the story?   What is the climax of the story?  What is the resolution of the conflict?Theme: What is/are the main idea(s) in the story? What do you learn from the story? How are the themes of the story observed in life and society today?  (at least 2 pages long in this section)answer following questions and put it on the seperated paper:I am not sure about you, but I felt myself changing emotions several times throughout Confessions. I found myself going from ‘oh poor thing’ to ‘what in the heck?’ to ‘he really did that?’ and a lot of other thoughts in between. If you didn’t see this posting before you read, skim back through the piece and jot down notes of how you felt and things you thought while you were reading. Share your initial reactions and then any other thoughts that developed along the way. THEN consider Rousseau’s thoughts as he wrote this. Do you think he was wanting sympathy, empathy, or any other particular reactions? Can you see places in the reading that make you think he wrote them to manipulate his readers? Share any other thoughts or ideas you have about this reading and the author. (Make sure that your posting is at least 350 words. .)NOTE: Please be sure to write your answers in complete sentences and answer ALL of the questions posed! but not all of the questions will be applicable in Confessions. Please answer all of them that you can. Don’t let them stress you. Do not just say that the questions do not apply to the story or piece of writing. Some of the pieces have more of a narrator or speaker than a main character, but you can discuss that person/persona in place of the questions there.  Please make sure you answer EACH question. NO outside sources are allowed. Trust your understanding of the stories. Students who use outside sources will not receive credit for the assignment. (Remember that taking information from another source and putting it in your own words is still considered plagiarism.)Jean-Jacques Rousseau Audio

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