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My proposal: Toxic Behavior in Online game
“Freedom of speech” is the first amendment of the United States, and this right gives people the power to say or write whatever they want without restraint. In online society, the right also allows people to become haters on social platforms and in online games. Kwak et, al., (2015) noted that “the field of online game is easy to produce toxic behavior. Especially the game require massively multi-player or role-playing to play (MMORPG), the online gaming world provides another place where people interact with each other.” (p. 1)
For my final paper, I will use the League of Legend as an example for discussing the toxic behavior in an online video game and post a solution to the problem. First, I will explain what is toxic behavior and why this behavior is so common in online games. I will use five likely causes including deindividuation, a competitive environment, anti-social personality defects, Dunbar’s number, and group norms. On the other hand, in the second part of my paper, I will argue that toxic behavior can effectively correct in the online video game by anti-cheat System, call-center service, honour system and ping system.
First, I will use the “exploring cyberbullying and other toxic behavior in team competition online games” by Kwak, Blackburn, and Han (2015) and also Maher (2016) “Can a video game company tame toxic behavior?” to point out the definition of toxic behavior and why it is common in the online video game because both of the articles give a strong explanation of the toxic behavior in League of Legend. In addition, I chose Wikipedia (2018) “Dunbar’s number”, Martin Nowack (2012), “Why we help”, the “Cooperation in human” website (http://nectunt.bifi.es) and Kurt D. Squire (2008) “Video Games and Education: Designing Learning Systems for an Interactive Age” be my extra resources, which provide useful information about deindividuation, Competitive environment, Anti-social personality defects, Dunbar’s number, and group norm. Eventually, I like to use Jason (2016) “ 3Qs: How to tame the Twitter haters” and Fahlström and Matson (2014) “Preventing Toxic Behaviour through Game Mechanics” to argue that toxic behavior can be correct in online video game. These two reading both list some good example of decrease the toxic behavior in online game and avoid the haters.
I will conclude my two arguments, which are why this behavior is so common in online games and the way to correct toxic behavior in the online video game. Bullies and harassing will exist forever, like sunrise and sunset. But we don’t need to ignore or avoid it, we should envisage this problem and also think about the positive way of the online video game.

Joseph Reagle, 2016, “3Qs: How to tame the Twitter haters”
Reagle, J. M. (2016). Reading the comments: Likers, haters, and manipulators at the bottom of the Web. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press.
Wikipedia, 2018, “Dunbar’s number”
Martin Nowack, 201207, “Why we help”

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