Write a 250 word commentary, bothexamining the development

Write a 250 word commentary, both:examining the development of the theoryand questioning its validity.As you evaluate the theory, be sure to consider:historicalculturaland educational contextsWhen appropriate:also consider biographical aspects influencing the development of the theory.Describe how this theory may or may not be applied:to the education of contemporary adults,discussing both why and how (or why not and how not).If applicable, provide an example:of where and how this theory is being used in contemporary context.Support your arguments with:citations from the text,as well as online references.After posting your discussion commentary:respond to the postings of two of your colleagues,using the questioning methodology presented by Noddings at the end of chapter one of Philosophy of Education.References: Noddings, N. (2004). Philosophy of education. Boulder, CO: Westview Press.

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