Write a 750-1000 wordessay about a pair of items in which th

Write a 750-1000 wordessay about a pair of items in which the similarities and differences of thoseitems are compared and contrasted in the style. Comparative EssayTopics HandoutCash vs. CreditRenting vs. OwningOnline Education vs. Traditional EducationChildhood vs. AdulthoodRural Living vs. Urban LivingProcess: For the comparative essay, you will completethe following steps: 1. Choose a pair of topics that complement one another: See the suggestedlist of topics in the “Comparative Essay Topics Handout” below in thesupplemental documents portion of these instructions. 2. Create a list of similarities and differences3. Create a thesis statement based on similarities, differences, or bothsimilarities and differences4. Choose whether to organize your essay by point or by subject5. Consult the “ComparativeEssay”Stylistic details: All essays must meet the following requirements: Include750-1000 words. Writein Times New Roman, 12 pt. font. Include1” margins on all sides. Includean APA cover page (for all essays) and reference list (if sources are used). Adhereto APA convention and documentation style.No sources are required.However, if sources are used while writing the paper, then those sources mustbe cited. comparative_essay_topics_handout.docx

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