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Select a company or non-profit and identify a behavior the company might desire their customers to perform. Using the Fogg Behavior Model as a guide, provide an overall description and assessment of the opportunities and pitfalls related to the customer behavior. Your assignment should include:

  • Your assessment of Motivation/Ability related to the desired behavior:
    • What is the characteristic of motivation (Pleasure/pain, Hope/Fear, or Acceptance/Rejection—OK if it’s more than one)?
    • Is motivation low or high? Include why you think this.
    • Is ability difficult or easy? Include why you think this.
  • Your thoughts on how to improve the chances of the behavior happening and/or to remove any barriers and challenges. This could include (but not limited to):
    • Suggestions for increasing motivation.
    • Suggestions for improving ability.
    • Recommendations for any type of prompts (spark, facilitator or signal)

This is all hypothetical, the key is to think about challenges a particular business may have and use the Fogg Behavioral Model to guide your thinking process.


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