Write a two-page reflection paper on your special family meal experience.

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Write a two-page reflection paper on your special family meal experience. Give it a good title! How was the cooking and eating experience? Describe and reflect upon the whole eating experience, and the meaning and relevance of family mealtime. What strategies did you find useful? How can you improve your food management skills?

  • Complete this self-test to help you be aware of what you’ve achieved in shaping new attitudes and behaviors. Include commentary on your own eating competence, and what have you changed or improved upon to become a more “fearless eater”.
    • Do you have mealtime structure well in place?
    • Do you usually enjoy mealtime?
    • Would you say you have developed the meal habit?
    • Do you provide yourself with food you enjoy?
    • Do you regularly make use of the simple meal planning principles, offering a variety of foods and letting everyone, including yourself, eat what tastes good to them?
    • Do you generally tune in and enjoy your food?
    • Have you recovered your internal regulators of food intake, including finding your stopping place with eating?
    • Do you depend on your internal regulators of food intake to guide you in how much to eat?
    • Can you put unfamiliar, challenging, and “nutritious” food on the table without strong-arming yourself or anyone else to eat it?
    • Are you generally relaxed about eating?
    • Do you feel comfortable about enjoying food?


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