Write about a video

I’m trying to study for my Engineering course and I need some help to understand this question.

I want to write about this video “How Boredom Can Lead to your Most Brilliant Ideas” – https://www.ted.com/talks/manoush_zomorodi_how_boredom_can_lead_to_your_most_brilliant_ideas/up-next

A list of recommended videos from a variety of sources (TED Talks, Youtube, etc.) will be provided. To receive credit for an OCE, students must watch one of the recommended videos and write a 1-page (500 words minimum, 550 words maximum) reflection of the video’s content and how it can relate to you as a future engineer, including your current course work or career aspirations.

Reflection Paper Grading Rubric (Spring 2020):

Pass (Acceptable): Reflective discussion, seeks to apply knowledge; finds possible ways to improve thinking; makes clear connections between course content / career aspirations; logical, cohesive, easy to read, uses correct punctuation and grammar; meets length requirement (500 -550 words)

Fail (Not Acceptable): Summarizes content only; describes problems but offers no solutions; just states facts; disjointed, lacks cohesion, reads like text message, improper punctuation and grammar; Too long or too short by unreasonable amount


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