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What does the current House bill, which is now being discussed in the Congress, want to fund? Why are the various provisions and suggestions being proposed for this legislation? Does each of the provisions address the catastrophe caused by Covid-19 virus or not? Enumerate at least five measures in the $3 trillion package, three that do and two that do not, target Coronavirus relief programs and funding.


Here’s a more general question that addresses the 2020 pandemic that we are all experiencing and applying the three parts of the COR 100 course–Constitutional Democracy, Equality, and the Role of Government in the Economy–to our “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.” Putting this into a question, have we allowed our natural rights of “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” to be infringed by the government (federal, state and municipal) we created?

This paper should be 2.5 to 4 pages in length.


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