WRITING 1100: PERSONAL NARRATIVE ESSAYWorking Draft Due: Tuesday, November 3,2015Final Draft Due: Tuesday, November 17,2015Expected length: minimum 1000 words(longer is okay)Beginby deciding upon a topic and approach. To do this, you should closely readChapters 1 and 3 (through page 101) of The Curious Writer. · Youcan spin off Exercise 1.3 on pages 18-19, “Literacy Narrative Collage,” tocreate an essay about your personal history as a reader and writer.  · Youcan spin off Exercise 1.6 on pages 33-35, “Cell Phone Culture,” and use this“mini-inquiry” project to create an essay about your relationship with technology.· Youcan respond to the TED talk about texting and literacy that we will watch inclass on Monday, September 1, by discussing some aspect of your own experienceand/or perspective.· Ifnone of the above appeals to you, closely study the sample essays in Chapter 3and think about what their themes are (land/place, neighbors, family, culture,customs, identity).  Using thebrainstorming prompts on pages 88-92, find a topic that you are interested indeveloping further.   Whatevertopic you decide on and whatever approach you use, consider the suggestionsthat first appear on page 79: “Explore/explain/evaluate/reflect.” Your essaycan focus on any one or more of these strategies.  Also follow the guidelines on Page 85 for“writing a personal essay.”  Rememberwhat the textbook says: A personal essay does not necessarily have to be a deeply revealing, personal piece.  (Although it can be that, it doesn’t have tobe.) You can use the genre of personal essay to explore any subject, not justyour own life and personal experiences. However, when writing a personal essay,you do have the flexibility to use the first person, to incorporate your ownexperience and perception, and to explore your opinions and feelings regardingyour topic.  Yourdraft will be AT LEAST 1000 words long, and may well be longer. OnTuesdays, please bring a double-spaced HARD COPIES of sketches and drafts  (in print) to class for peer workshops . Numberyour pages and staple youressay.  Develop a full and creativetitle.  Use standard English and follow academicconventions of spelling, punctuation and capitalization, avoiding abbreviations.Although your work should appear professional at each stage, remember that thisis still a draft that will be revised substantially before you submit itfor a grade.  Please contact me at jkahle@hpu.edu if you have any questions prior to thedue dates (and remember that bringing anything to class is better thanbringing nothing).

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