Writing a Rhetorically Appropriate Email.

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One genre of writing that differs greatly from academic writing is email. In your professional lives, you will be asked to correspond with bosses, clients, employees, and colleagues in this medium, and you need to know how to do so effectively. Unlike some genres where long, complex sentence structure is valued, the email is about simplicity, clarity, and conveying only the necessary information.

For this assignment, you will create a role for yourself, devise a professional situation that would require an email, compose the subject/body/signoff appropriate to the task, and write a one-paragraph explanation about why you’ve made the choices you did.

Format the assignment like a real email, with a Subject and Main text. Single-space it (as email programs rarely double-space). After you have completed the email, skip two lines and then begin your explanation paragraph. The email should be roughly 150 words, and the explanation paragraph should be a minimum of 100 words (250 words total).

Other information:

Devise a situation. Think of a role for yourself (landlord/boss/employee/politician/tenant/etc.) and a role for your audience (to whom you are writing). The only rule is that it must be a situation that already has norms and expectations. In other words, we know the right way for a boss/employee to interact, but a student once wrote an email to “all of his/her exes” apologizing. While funny, it’s not something that has a set of rules for me to assess.

Read email advice texts. These will give you guidance on how to write a proper email, subject, greeting, sign-off, etc. Make selections that appeal to your intended audience, that create the appropriate “vibe,” and that accomplish your ultimate goal.

Explanation paragraph. Finally, you must write a brief paragraph (100 words) explaining your most significant choices. Hopefully, you can be mindful of the mood/context you have created through these choices.

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