writing a short essay about your personal experience during the pandemic.

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As promised, I’m offering optional, extra-credit for writing a short essay about your personal experience during the pandemic.

I’ve pasted the assignment below and attached it.

If you choose to do the assignment, upload it to turnitin by the due date and time (Friday, May 22 at 11:59 p.m.)

Stay safe and stay indoors,

Prof. Mark Harrison

Coronavirus Chronicles

(Optional, Extra-Credit Assignment)

The assignment in a nutshell: Write a short essay that chronicles your personal experience during this novel coronavirus, COVID-19 pandemic.

This is assignment can take whatever form you want it to take. The only goal is to tell the story of your personal experience during this unprecedented, global crisis.

You may tell your story however you wish. But to help you out, here are a few questions you might tackle and points you might want to discuss:

When did you first realize this coronavirus outbreak is serious?

How concerned are you that yourself, family members, or friends might contract the virus and become seriously ill?

Have you been able to stay at home and shelter in place? Have you become closer with those you live with? Has there been conflict?

If you’re an essential worker, discuss your experience.

What do you miss most? Going out to the movies, to dinner, shopping? Playing sports? Watching sports? Going to parties? Simply seeing other human beings in person?

What have you been doing to entertain yourself? Bingeing on Netflix or video games? FaceTiming with friends? Jogging? Walking? Cooking? Baking? Assembling a 1,000 piece puzzle?

What’s it been like to complete the semester online? What’s the upside? What’s the downside? How do you feel about taking classes online this summer or in the fall?

Describe your routine when you do go out and come back home? Do you wear a face mask? Gloves? Do you use hand sanitizer? Do you wash your hands? Wipe down your counter tops?

How do you feel about wearing a face mask in public? How do you feel when you see someone in public who isn’t wearing a mask?

What’s been your experience going to the grocery store? What’s it like to stand in line? What’s your reaction when you see bare shelves?

How worried are you about you or your family’s finances? Are you working? Did you lose a job? Are you on furlough? Can you pay your bills? Can you pay your mortgage or rent?

Do you have a story that’s funny? Surprising? Shocking? Sad? Happy? Tell it!

Feel free to respond to the bigger picture:

How do you think our political leaders


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