You are at an oasis in alarge desert and you have a lot of i

You are at an oasis in alarge desert and you have a lot of ice cream in an immovable refrigerator.(Assume, for the sake of the story, that ice cream is the only food availableand it is good for you.) The people in the next oasis some miles away have noice cream (and no other food) and are too old and infirm to travel. You haveplenty of ice cream and you can transport it to the next oasis, but on thejourney, some of it will melt. Now the question: How much of the ice cream(what percent from zero to 100%) would have to survive the journey for you to believe it to be worthtransporting the ice cream to the next oasis?  There isno right or wrong answer to this question, so don’t get hung up on what is theright answer.  Suppose the people inthe other oasis were your family. Suppose you didn’t know them at all. Make no assumptions and give me just one answer:  ___%

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