You get a new boss at USFWS who asks aboutindirect and total

You get a new boss at USFWS who asks aboutindirect and total effects because some scientific literature she readindicates that age of patch (ISOL) and altitude both affect grazing bybewilderbeasts. Also, other literature suggests that isolation is greater nearthe tops of mountains. Reanalyze the above data using path analyses to answerthe following research hypotheses:Bird abundance is affected by grazing, altitude, area,and isolation.Grazing is affected by altitude, area, distance to thenearest next patch, and isolation.Isolation increases with altitude, distance to thenearest patch, and distance to the next larger patch.Be sure to include assessments of direct, indirect, and total effects.I need help with  ASSUMPTIONS – Describe how you tested assumptions.  Note what you did in terms of furtheranalysis (e.g., assumptions of normality and heterogeneity of variances weremet so I proceeded with….).RESULTS – First, summarize in paragraph form theimportant results (e.g., The ANOVA showed that ducks like water [F6,23=  11.50, p<0.004] and thus nullhypothesis 1 was falsified…etc.).  Youmay supplement this with graphs (copied and pasted from GPLOT for example) ifyou like. Then, provide the SAS code you used to conduct your test. Youcan include the datalines if you like, but it’s not necessary.  Your code that tests assumptions should alsobe here.  Your abbreviated SAS or R output should come next. DON’T JUSTBLOCK AND COPY EVERYTHING SAS or R GIVES YOU, just provide the important parts that shows your assumptions beingtested (gplots, probability plots, normality Shapiro-wilks test, etc.)

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