You have been hired by a company as a Human Resource General

You have been hired by a company as a Human Resource Generalist to create a Human Resources Department for a real-world small-to-mid-sized organization of your choosing. You will be the only employee in this department for the foreseeable future.Create a 6-month plan of things you want to focus on. This can be in a timeline structure (with detailed notes) or as a proposal.Identify at least three (3) factors that need to be considered in the formulation of this department (see Chapt. 1 concepts such as technology impacts, workforce diversity, labor supply, & employee involvement)Include at least four (4) different disciplines that are in the structure of a Human Resources Department and a brief description of each (see Chapt. 2 concepts related to HRM functions)Explain how the Human Resource department aligns with the organization’s strategic plan, and serves the individual employee.

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