You have been hired by a farmer to design a fenced-in rectan

You have been hired by a farmer to design a fenced-in rectangular enclosurefor emus. The emus will require 720 square feet of area in which to roam, and the fencewill cost 20 dollars per foot. The rectangular area will adjoin an existing wall, so a fenceis only needed on three sides. You should minimize the cost of materials by choosing thedimensions carefully. What should the dimensions be, how much will it cost, and why?As you are writing the report for your client, you realize that the emus may try to bitethrough the fence. You may need a stronger fence that costs 30 dollars per foot instead.Also, although emus cannot fly, they can jump, so you may need to cover the top of theenclosure with a wire mesh to prevent their escape. The wire mesh costs 2 dollars per squarefoot. Would these upgrades affect the optimum dimensions? If so, how and why? If not,why not? How would these upgrades affect the cost?In case the client is unable or unwilling to pay for the rectangular enclosure that you aredesigning, you should also propose an alternative shape for the enclosure. (Some possibilities:more sides, fewer sides, different angles, a curved fence.) Make at least one proposal thatcosts less than the rectangular one. How much less will it cost, and why?

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