You have recently been appointed to the marketing department

You have recently been appointed to the marketing department of the British Heart Foundation(BHF) and have been given a brief to design a Marketing Communication Plan for the November2015 ‘Chase the Pud’ event – which reaches the right consumer, at the right place, at the righttime with the right message. The Plan should target members of the General Public_  Sports Team and Fitness Enthusiasts .You should submit an individual reflective report (approximately 1,000 words) Provide a record of what you did plus a reflection of how you did it and how you usedwhat you are taught in the lectures/seminars.Evaluate whether what you were taught in class helped you with your this assessment.Comment on what you would do differently and/or better next time.Guidance NotesThe purpose of reflective writing is to help you learn from a particular practical experience. Itwill help you to make connections between what you are taught in theory and what you need todo in practice. You reflect so that you can learn.It is essential that you use relevant theory and link theory to practice where relevant. Your reportmust be well presented. Please ensure that you cite a minimum of SIX DIFFERENTACADEMIC SOURCES (not handouts, websites or lecture notes) using the HARVARDreferencing system (in text and as a bibliography). Key Skills: Information and Communication Technology; Working with others; Communication;Problem Solving

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