you have to select two magnetic disk drives (aka harddisk dr

you have to select two magnetic disk drives (aka harddisk drives or hard drives) for a desktop computer and compare theirpower consumption and performance.  Each of the drives should have aminimum capacity 250 GB.The primary criteria to select one of the drives would be low powerconsumption.  The other drive should be selected based on superiorperformance.Any important data should be presented in the form of a table.  You shouldalso briefly discuss any other hard drives that you have considered andwhy they are not part of your selection.  By using all the relevant dataabout the drives, justify your selection.cite any relevant documents and web-site addresses.  Page requirements are 2+ pages but don’t go over 3 pages.Font size should be 10 or 12.Any low quality or wrong answers won’t be accepted.

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