You love jelly beans and want to take some with you to class

You love jelly beans and want to take some with you to classbut realize you have no cup or container to hold them.  Suppose you decide to build a cylindercontainer for your candy and all you had was your notecard (4 inches by 6inches).  Which cylinder container wouldhold more jelly beans—the tall one (height is 6 inches) formed by folding thepaper ‘hot dog’ wise or the short one (height is 4 inches) formed by foldingthe paper ‘hamburger’ wise?  Turn in at the beginning of class on April28.1.  Record yourprediction: I feel that althoughboth have same measurements that the cylinder made that is folded “hamburger”way at 4inches in height would hold more. When folding it “hotdog” this wouldmake it more narrow. When I feel a cylinder or anything that is more narrowwill fill up faster. To me this means that I would predict the jelly beans willfill up the thinner cylinder quicker but with less because there is ales spaceand jelly beans are kind of fat so they will take up more room. The fattercylinder will hold more because there is more space to layer them up. That isat least what I predict.2.  Now, use your mathknowledge and problem-solving skills to determine which cylinder does holdmore.  Record any work below and explainhow you obtained your answer:3.  What do you knowabout the lateral areas of each of the cylinders?4.  Which cylinder(hot dog or hamburger) has the largest surface area (including the bottom andtop).  Provide an explanation for youranswer.

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