You must answer each question using your own words.

You must answer each question using your own words. If you are using evidence from the book or any other resource you must provide the correct citation.

1. Describe the key aspects of the resting potential.

2. Describe the structure of the blood-brain barrier and explain why it is important.

3. Describe how the brain transports essential chemicals.

4. Describe the main chemical events at a synapse.

5. Briefly describe the main categories of methods for studying brain function.

6. Describe how phantom limb sensations that seemingly come from a missing hand might occur when the face is touched.

7. Describe the relationship between heredity and environment.

8. Describe the key functions of the major pathways in the visual cortex.

9. Describe the basic mechanisms of taste receptors.

10. Briefly describe the nature of Parkinson’s disease. Include a discussion of its causes and possible treatments.

11. Discuss the relationship between sleep and memory.

12. Describe the major brain mechanisms of eating and hunger.

13. Describe some of the evidence that brain anatomy may differ as a function of sexual orientation.

14. What is the primary cause of Korsakoff’s syndrome and what is one of its most distinctive symptoms?

15. Provide a detailed description of spatial neglect.

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