You must insert your answers on a word document,including sc

You must insert your answers on a word document,including screenshots of numbers inserted and any charts, graphs, or output, onword document only. Teacher needs to see proof you know where and what numbers to enter on PHStat Excel and answers .Salary Data.xlsx1. For each the following variables from the Salary Data Set provide the measures oflocation and measures of dispersion for the following variables:CurrentSalaryEducationWhichvariable has lesser relative variability?2. You are the manager of a high-end ladies fashionstore. For the past few months you havebeen gathering data and found that 36% of persons entering the store actuallymake a purchase. Assume these data follow aBinomial Distribution and use Excelto calculate the following binomial probabilities:If17 people enter the store, what is the probability that 8 of them willmake a purchase? Whatis the probability that at least 5 of the 17 people will make a purchase?

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