You only need use the book

Can you help me understand this Social Science question?

After carefully selecting a central symbol in Alice LaPlante’s Half Moon Bay, how has the symbol informed your reading of LaPlante’s work?

  • *3.5 pages of your very best sentences
  • ü At least three outside sources. Research, remember, is your friend.
  • ü An introduction paragraph that grabs the reader’s attention, provides necessary background, and focuses your readers’ attention to the thesis. Remember, my dear hearts, your thesis is the simple answer to the writing question. Right?
  • ü Body paragraphs that have a single “point”, information, and explanation. Remember, summary is not explanation. Explain what you think.
  • ü A conclusion that wraps up your essay, so your reader is satisfied.
  • ü A cover page that will include the format requirements and a creative title. You can, if you wish, include artwork on your cover page; it would suggest effort.
  • ü An MLA 8work cited page and parenthetical citation.
  • color can be used symbolically in Half Moon Bay? Consider LaPlante’s description of Alma, “…Despite her [Alma] dark hair and skin, her eyes are a strange blue-green, very intense” (La Plante 67). Consider LaPlante’s description of Edward, “He [Edward]


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