you will create a projectusing the requirements outlined bel

you will create a projectusing the requirements outlined below. You may use your own place of business(preferred) or an existing business that will allow you to perform theseexercises. Answers such as “Yes” or “No” are not sufficient to respond to these questions.  This project should be supported by both thetextbook and peer reviewed research that addresses relevant systems analysisand design.  Scholarly research shouldexist performed within the last few years that develop timely and appropriateprocedures for an information systems analysis and design.  In addition, your project should follow thegeneral steps you learned within the textbook and your mini case assigments.  This includes appropriate businessrequirements methods, appropriate systems analysis and associated diagrams, andappropriate systems design and associated diagrams.Final Project RequirementsThefollowing is mandatory:GeneralrequirementsAPAformatted paper using the appropriate margins, double-spacing, appendixes forthe diagrams, and a references pageApproximately4-5 double-spaced APA formatted pages excluding title, table of contents, systemsanalysis and design diagrams/appendixes, and reference pages5peer reviewed references with appropriate systems analysis and designsupporting processes, procedures, and diagramsAppropriatesupporting frameworks and modelsWorkbreakdown structure that details the project5different types of information systems analysis diagrams that use appropriateUML syntax2types of design diagramsPlanningPhaseCreatean entire SDLC process that will bring added value to a business.Identifythe project—what is it supposed to do?Determinethe methodology to be used; describe, in detail, why you chose this methodologyDefine/determinebusiness requirements and describe the techniques you will use to gather thisinformationCreatethe Project work plan, complete with (projected) timelines using a Gantt chart.  Use best estimations on the completion ofthis project.AnalysisPhaseDescribehow this project will bring added value to the business. This should be in theform of an actual presentation outline, such as one would read while doing aPower Point presentation to the BoardDetermine who the key players areDescribe any known or possible issues thatmight arise as to why the project will not be approvedAlongwith the outline, justify, support, and develop a minimum of 5 differentand unique analysis diagrams that use appropriate UML syntax.  In other words, 5 diagrams of the sametype is insufficient to show the entire analysis process.  Select 5 different diagrams from thefollowing options:Use cases and use case descriptionsActivity diagramsCRC cards with your use casesClass diagramsEntity relationship diagrams for anynecessary databasesObject diagramsSequence diagramsState machine diagramsCommunication diagramsCRUDE analysisDesignPhaseDeterminethe hardware and software requirementsWill the existing infrastructure supportthe project?Ifnot, describe in detail what will be needed.Is new hardware required?Is new software required?Ifnew software is required, how will it be obtained?Isthe existing database adequate?Designyour information system with a minimum of 2 diagrams and/or graphicaluser interfaces.  You can choose from thefollowing diagrams:A front-end UI proto-type (the back-endcode is not necessary)Youcan use a web language to design the web front-endYoucan use a VB, C#, Java, or alternative programming IDE to design your front-end,the code is unnecessary, only the UI designYoucan use Adobe Photoshop or a similar front-end design applicationPackage diagramsInfrastructure diagram / hardware / datacenter / network modelYoucan use Visio or a similar application for designs that involve networks orsystems, for exampleImplementationPhaseDescribehow the system is to be implemented; Phased? Turn key? Mirrored? Parallel?Describewhy the implementation you chose is the best for this project.

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