Your research team has been tasked with finding thecorrelati

Your research team has been tasked with finding thecorrelation of the following scenario:Four research participants take atest of manual dexterity (high scores mean better dexterity) and an anxietytest (high scores mean more anxiety). The scores are as follows:Person  Dexterity  Anxiety1  1  102  1  83  2  44  4  -2Describe the process that yourresearch team would go through by completing the following:Make a scatter diagram ofthe scores.Describe in words thegeneral pattern of correlation, if any.Figure the correlationcoefficient.Figure whether thecorrelation is statistically significant (use the .05 significance level,two-tailed).Explain the logic of whatyou have done, writing as if you are speaking to someone who has neverheard of correlation (but who does understand the mean, standarddeviation, Z scores, andhypothesis testing).Give three logicallypossible directions of causality, indicating for each direction whether itis a reasonable explanation for the correlation in light of the variablesinvolved (and why).

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